Saturday, March 30, 2019, Provincial Superior, Fathr Tomasz Nowakek, MIC, introduced into the service of acolyte the following forth-year seminarians: Jan Czupryński, MIC, Alfred Nyobuhungiro, MIC, Jan Paweł Jackowski-Fedorowicz, MIC, Bartłomiej Przychodzki, MIC and Cedrik Ishimwe, MIC.

By the power of his service, the acolyte has priority over other lay persons in fulfilling a number of functions during Mass. Among the acolyte’s tasks are:

  • Carrying the crucifix and candles in the entrance procession;
  • Handing books, especially the Missal;
  • Assisting with reception of gifts (when they are carried in a procession) or picking them up from credenza and handing over to the celebrant;
  • Preparing the altar;
  • Assisting the celebrant as he incenses the crucifix and the altar (when the deacons are not assisting the priest);
  • Incensing the celebrant and the people (when a deacon is not serving);
  • Distributing Holy Communnion.

The acolyte’s specific privilege is to purify liturgical vessels, if a deacon is not serving. Purification cannot be entrusted to any other layperson, even an extraordinary minister of the Holy Communion.

As they zealously fulfill their service at the altar and faithfully distribute the Bread of eternal life to their brothers and sisters, we wish the new acolytes to continue growing in faith and love for the strengthening of the Church!

Poland, Lublin: Introduction into the service of acolyte