During the Eucharist on Saturday, May 9, our Marian community greatly rejoiced: the Lord sent us five new preachers of the Gospel. In our chapel, Fr. Adrian Galbas, SAC, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Ełk, ordained deacon five of our confreres: Bartłomiej, Paweł, Jan, Cedric, and Alfred.

In his homily, the bishop spoke about taking the Gospel into one’s heart as a living Word, in order to become more and more like Christ the Deacon, who sends His disciples to preach the Good News.

Due to restrictions caused by the pandemic, the liturgy of ordination was held in private, including only the Marian Fathers from Lublin, Provincial Superior, Fr. Tomasz Nowaczek, MIC, the General Treasurer Wojciech Jasiński, MIC, and, naturally, Bishop Adrian Galbas, SAC, Auxiliary of Ełk. The families and friends of our confreres who were ordained deacons could unite themselves spiritually with the Marian Fathers in Lublin thanks to an Internet broadcast.

To our new deacons we wish from the bottom of our hearts sagacity and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can reach the ends of the earth through their ministry.