Lithuania, Marijampole: Fr. Jonas Malinauskas, MIC, a resident of the local religious house, passed away on December 11, 2020. He was 92 years of age, a religious for 61 years and a priest for 46.

Father Jonas Malinauskas, MIC, a member of the General Vicariate in Lithuania, was born November 30, 1928 in Pivašiūnai, district of Alytus in the Diocese of Kaišiadoriai to the family of Feliksas Malinauskas and his wife Uršulė Bakšytė-Malinauskienė, and was baptized on December 12, 1928.

Jonas completed his elementary school in Pivašiūnai and then continued his education in Marijampole.

He worked as a reader of electrical meters and as an organist in Marijampole. On September 6, 1958, he was admitted into the Marian Fathers’ novitiate in Marijampole. He made his first profession of vows on September 6, 1959, and his perpetual vows on May 13, 1965.

In 1968-1974 he attended the seminary in Kaunas, Lithuania, where on April 9, 1974 he was also ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Juozapas Matulaitis-Labusas. Following his ordination, Fr. Jonas served at the following posts:

  • From June 19, 1974 as a vicar of the parish in Prienai;
  • From November 10, 1976 as a vicar of the parish in Kalvarija;
  • From Jule 17, 1978 as a vicar of the parish in Šakiai;
  • From June 28, 1980 as the administrator of the parish in Ilguva;
  • From September 30, 1986 to June 2, 1987 also as the administrator of the parish in Žemoji Panemunė;
  • From May 24, 1988 to October 22, 1990 as the administrator of the parish in Sutkai;
  • From September 8, 1992 as the pastor of the parish in Alksninėi Akmenynai;
  • From August 25, 1997 as a vicar of St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Marijampole, where he becase a resident later.

Father Jonas made himself known as a devout and humble religious, serving others with great dedication. As a resident of the Marian monastery in Marijampole, for as long as his health allowed he faithfully performed all religious practices, celebrated Holy Mass every day and was on duty at the parish office. He accorded a brotherly welcome to each petitioner coming to the office, patiently listened and provided counsel. He was diligent in visiting the sick that were homebound, in the nursing home, or in the hospital near the monastery, zealously carrying out the sacramental service to all.

He is buried in the Marian cemetery in Marijampole.