During solemn Vespers presided by Father Provincial Tomasz Nowaczek, MIC, our brothers Janusz and Celestyn were installed to the ministry of Lector. At the same time, Br. Janusz received his ecclesiastical garb, Brother Celestine having already received his cassock while still in Rwanda. May God bless them in this ministry!

The ministry of Lector is the first ministry to which the seminarians are installed-usually done during their first year of theological studies, which, in Poland, falls during the third year of study at the Seminary. In the Marian Fathers’ Seminary, it is usually accompanied by investiture in ecclesiastical garb. The granting of the privilege of wearing clerical clothes marks the beginning of the next stage of formation.

The main task of the Lector is to read the Word of God in the liturgical assembly. In addition, he can preside over services and bless food on Holy Saturday. In order for the Lector to be able to perform his duties well, he should awaken in himself a love for the Word of God through frequent reading of the Bible and meditation on it. Through these practices, he will be able to become an ever more perfect disciple of Christ.