Dear Brothers and Sisters who visit our website, and remain within the circle of our pastoral influence, you have probably been accustomed for years to the fact that the Marian priests and brothers who minister to you walk dressed like diocesan priests, or simply “in layman’s fashion.” However, it is worth knowing that for more than 230 years until 1909, the usual attire of the Marians was the white habit.

Today we would like to share the happy news with you. Celebrating the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of Marian Fathers, the February 2023 General Chapter decided to restore in the Congregation the possibility of using the white habit as a form of solemn attire, worn especially on days and anniversaries important to our Community. The white habit expresses not only our religious consecration, but also the mystery of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the central charism handed down to the Congregation by our Founder, St. Father Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczyński. After his beatification and canonization, the desire to externally express the Marian identity and connection to our own Founder has deepened in many Marians. At the same time, some of us wish to stay with the attire they have adopted so far during their formation and which they consider most appropriate for themselves.

Therefore, do not be surprised if sometimes you will see Marians ministering to you dressed in black cassocks or in white habits. We trust that the re-adoption of the white habit as a form of solemn dress will further emphasize the continuity of our Congregation, its identity and spirituality, charism, and mission – from the beginning until today.

The personal freedom of each Marian regarding the circumstances of the use of solemn garb is an expression of mutual love among confreres and respect for the history of the last hundred years of our Congregation, when the Marians, initially forced by political circumstances, abandoned the wearing of religious garb and adopted the attire of diocesan clergy. We hope that the opportunity to wear the white habit, will give us a chance to strengthen our identity and to carry out our mission more zealously.