The Association of Marian Helpers

“Within the Congregation of Marian Fathers exist: the Association of Marian Helpers and the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their members, living in the world, participate in the spirit and mission of the Congregation and, under the Congregation’s overall direction, lead an apostolic life and strive for Christian perfection. …”

(Constitutions of the Congregation, §128)

A Message from the General Promoter of The Association of Marian Helpers

The Association of Marian Helpers is a spiritual benefit society that prayerfully and spiritually supports the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception. It was first founded in the United States in 1925 under the inspiration of Blessed George Matulaitis-Matulewicz, the Renovator of the Congregation. The Association now exists in Poland, Great Britain, Portugal, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Brazil, and North America.

I am the General Promoter of the Association for the various provinces of our global Marian community. In my duties, I work under the authority of our Superior General and his Council. I consult with the Provincial Superiors about the activity of the Association within their respective Provinces and serve as the liaison between the various Directors of the Association and the General Administration regarding any Association matters. Such liaison work might involve an Association program in a particular Province that aids a foreign project of the Congregation.

I also organize our annual international Marian Helpers Conference — from deciding on the location and topics for workshops to the selection of keynote speakers. Still another aspect of my work is the implementation of our Association Statutes. To view the Statutes of the Association of Marian Helpers, in English and Polish, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed on your computer. View the directions for obtaining Adobe® Acrobat®.

Finally, as General Promoter of the Association, I organize formation programs for the staff of our Marian Helpers Centers, as well as develop a program of formation for our Association members.

If you are interested in helping me foster the work of the Association around the world, please contact me at

Br. Andrew Mączyński, MIC

IN THE SERVICE OF CHRIST AND THE CHURCH — Tracks of Formation in the Association of Marian Helpers

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