Rome, February 26th, 2022
Prot. n. 34/2022

 Statement of the Superior General on Russian aggression against Ukraine

Dear Confreres,

We are witnessing terrible aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the ensuing war that will bring death and devastation to that country. Our Confreres from the Ukrainian Vicariate are also put to a difficult test: Dear Brothers, at this special time we are united with you spiritually and in prayer.

Therefore, I am asking all of you to pray intensely for peace and for all those affected by the war. I am asking, as soon as possible, to celebrate Holy Mass for peace in Ukraine, for the victims of the war and for the end of Russian aggression. Moreover, I am asking for daily rosary for the same intention.

The financial support is also needed. Individual communities, i.e. provinces, general vicariates, religious houses or our institutions can provide financial support in two ways: either through the General Treasurer (please write “Help Ukraine” as the motive of the transfer) or by joining the initiative of the Superior of the Polish Province (whom I thank sincerely) and granting financial aid through the Association of Marian Helpers in Poland.

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Very Rev. Andrzej Pakuła, MIC
Superior General

Statement of the Superior General on Russian aggression against Ukraine (English PDF)

Komunikat Przełożonego Generalnego w sprawie agresji rosyjskiej na Ukrainę (Polish PDF)

Comunicado do Superior Geral relacionado com a agressào russa contra a Ucrània (Portuguese PDF)