Balsamão, Portugal

Jun 08, 2002

2002 General Convention in Portugal

Thirty-five Marians from around the world participated in the General Convention that met in Fatima June 3-5, and in Balsamao June 6-8. The topic was Vocations, and in Fatima the members heard reports from Marian Vocation Directors from all over the world about the situations they face in their respective countries in seeking to attract vocations to the community. Various ideas discussed included: the importance of praying for vocations and getting others, including our family members, to pray for vocations; authentically living out our vowed life; not being afraid to invite people to consider our life; and networking among vocation directors.

In Balsamao, the Venerable Servant of God, Casimir Wyszynski, was held up as a model vocation director and potential patron of our vocation directors. A quote on the wall of the room in which he died said that he was a man who was gentle and humble of heart. His Christ-like qualities attracted many people to our Congregation beyond the borders of Poland. Some call him the first vocation director in the Marians. All members of the Congregation, as well as the Associate Members, are encouraged to beg the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the vineyard, especially to our community.

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