USA, Stockbridge 

Oct. 19, 2007

Condolences from the former Superior General

Through Father General, I am sending my pledge of fervent prayers for the soul of Mark Garrow.

During the years of my service in the Office of the Superior General, Mark gave me great help and support. His wisdom and kindness, along with his understanding of people, were priceless in solving difficult problems within the Congregation, especially those involving personal issues.

While participating in visitations as a General Councilor, he got to know well the entire Congregation. He composed its formation program and greatly contributed for the preparation of the General Chapter, during which, to my delight, he was elected as my successor in the office of the Superior General.

Being so far away, I could only give him prayerful support in his illness. It is very difficult to come to terms with the thought that he is no longer among the living. I will prayerfully unite with you in spirit during the solemnity of his burial. I hope to meet with him again where he already is and where we all will be someday, and I also hope that he looks down on us from there and, as he used to do it in his lifetime, decides how he could help us best.

Fr. Adam Boniecki, MIC
Superior General 1993-1999

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