Poland, Lublin 

Sept. 30, 2009

Poland: Marian Seminarians’ jubilee pilgrimage to Lithuania

On Sept. 28-30, 2009, students of the Marian Seminary in Lublin went on pilgrimage to Lithuania along with their Superior, Fr. Artur Radacki, MIC, their spiritual directors Frs. Andrzej Jerominek, MIC, and Maciej Zachara, MIC, as well as Fr. Roman Frąckowiak, MIC. The pilgrimage was a part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of renewal of our Congregation performed by Blessed George Matulewicz.

On the first day, we attended Mass celebrated at the Dawn Gate. Later we had a guided tour of the city of Vilnius, led by Fr. Paweł Chudzik, MIC. In the evening, we went to Mariampole, where we held solemn vespers at the tomb of Blessed George. Local pastor, Fr. Andrius Šidlauskas, MIC, delivered a talk during vespers. He encouraged us to give time to prayer so that we may draw from the spirit of our Renovator.

On the afternoon of our second day, we participated in the Eucharist at the tomb of our Father Renovator. Father Maciej Zachara presided and Fr. Artur Radacki delivered the homily. The homilist urged us to make the most of this particular time of pilgrimage and to ask God to renew our vocation and strengthen our faithfulness.

The last stage of our trip was a short stay in Lugine – Blessed George’s place of birth and where he grew up. We recited one Rosary mystery there for the intentions of our Congregation.

Jacek Rygielski, MIC

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